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What is behavior analysis?
Behavior Analysis is a scientific approach commonly used for treatment with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities.  There are many strategies and practices derived from Behavior Analysis such as Discrete Trial Instruction, Natural Environment Teaching, Verbal Behavior, Positive Behavior Support, Functional Communication Training, and Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention.  Each treatment is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the individual served and measure the success of the intervention.  All interventions are based on empirical research which support the effectiveness of treatments.  

How do I become a behavior analyst?
The field of behavior analysis is growing as the demand for scientific based therapies increase.  Individuals can obtain certification in behavior analysis by obtaining a bachelor's level (BCaBA) master's level (BCBA), or doctorate level (BCBA-D).   All approaches require you to take course work and obtain supervision directly relating to the field. To learn more information please visit Behavior Analysis Certification Board at  

How is remote supervision conducted?
Supervisees submit footage of their work via mail, Google drive, or Dropbox.  Measures to protect confidentiality are practiced.  All supervisees must obtain consent from clients prior to beginning the supervision process. 

How long will supervision take?
The duration of supervision is based on the individual and how soon they wish to   sit for the exam.  If you receive supervision every other week and submit footage consistently you can complete requirements needed for individual supervision in a year.  The board allows individuals to receive a maximum of six supervision hours a month and you need seventy five to sit for the exam (in addition to completing field work and course work requirements).

How can agencies benefit from supervision?  
Supervision provides additional training to staff and promotes education to meet insurance requirements.

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